Since I’m on a roll tonight, (translation: I’m hella restless and I needed something to do to keep myself busy) I did a little experiment. I did a self portrait with no references, just based on how I see myself inside my head.

I think it’s a good resemblance, aside from having drawn my hair longer than it actually is, but then, I’m biased.

First: just the image of me. This was, again, done with no references and is entirely based on the image I have of myself in my head. I’m afraid I may have romanticized myself a bit, but that’ll happen, I s’pose.


Second, the same image, but with words I feel describe me. Not all of them are visible, not because they’re extremely personal, but more because that placement just felt better to me. I can post the list if anyone is dying to know what the whole thing says, but I won’t unless requested.


What do the folks who actually know my face in real life think? Did I nail it or did I fail it? Please feel free to be completely honest. I won’t be offended if you think I made myself look totally different than I actually do. It’s cool 🙂

UPDATE: Ok, since nobody’s said how I did, and I’m curious – I’ll ask my followers at large. What do you think?

For reference: Me from about a year ago. (I am slightly rounder and be-pixie-cut-ed here than I currently am, but it’s still pretty accurate)


And longer hairs from waaaaaaaaaaay back in ze day: (2007-2009ish)

Me 2007 after swing me 2007 being silly

Don’t judge me, dammit. We all had our pissy 20-something webcam phase. :p

Me being classy

Why yes, I AM a picture of utter class, thanks for asking. This is my default “oh you’re taking my picture?” face. I do not like to be photographed, hence the lack of more current pictures.

So, internet, what do you think? How close did I get?


**As usual, all images are mine. Do not use, distribute, etc. any of my photos. That would be decidedly uncool of you, and I like to have at least SOME control over what happens to my photos. Be a nice internet denizen plz**


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