Modern-Day Gisli and Signy – 4th of July snuggles

I swear, I’ve been up to more than fangirling and goofing off!

To prove it, here’s some more art-ness 😀


I experimented pretty heavily with the lighting and shading to give the impression of fireworks more than to show them actually occurring. I’m pretty pleased with the effect, though I imagine I could probably refine it more. I may do more *DRAMATIC LIGHTING* images to practice with this in the near future.

As far as names: I have come up with a couple of alternatives for Gisli’s name update: Gloria, Gina, or possibly Alice. I don’t know why, but older-fashioned names just suit them best for me. Maybe Claudia?

Any suggestions are still welcomed. Drop me a comment if something awesome occurs to you 🙂 Or if you really like one of the names I’ve thought up. More will be coming, so keep your eyes open 🙂


One thought on “Modern-Day Gisli and Signy – 4th of July snuggles

  1. I’ve made my living as an essayist and designer (specializing in 19th century illustration adaptation application) so I’m looking at your work with that trained eye when I say – this is fantastic. I love it as is. I also love the way it allows the viewer a sub-sight of interpretation you might not have intended (the left profile, the right skunk head looking up, two cockatiels kissing, a sleeping kitten). And even though I’m a pastel-kinda-gal, your darkness creates a lightness. Well done woman! First name that came to my mind? Blanche.

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