Birthdays are weird.

So… 27 is an interesting birthday. I realize I haven’t posted much lately, everybody, and that’s mostly because I’ve been distracted. I was making up my mind about a lot of things, and because my brain hates me, everything crystallized yesterday afternoon while I was sitting at home on my birthday…

Long story short: I’m a single woman again. Before anyone asks, there wasn’t any bad-blood, nobody was abusive or a bad partner, and we’re still on good terms. It’s just weird to go back to referring to yourself as ‘single’ after 3.5 years…. And…. y’know, on your birthday.

So, I s’pose that post I made about being bi and not saying anything to family members because having a boyfriend made it moot… is now a bit more relevant to where I go from here.

So why am I telling YOU, the blog reading public about this? Well, partly because I need to talk about it and get it out of my system. I’m sorry that we didn’t work out, but not sorry that we realized we weren’t and ended it. Also, because I may not post much for a while, and what I do post may seem weird, moody, or a little crazy. All part of the process of transitioning to a new phase of my life. Patience, please 🙂

I’ll get back to arting and other such non-downer posting soon, but for now, I need to process, plan, and sort out my future.

Be seeing you all around 🙂


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