30 Day Monster Challenge: Celebrate Monster Girls!

I celebrated the end of the challenge with some Labyrinth fanart!

(click to en-biggen)


“Evening gentlemen. Either of you wake the Cherub there and it’s the Bog of Eternal Stench for a month.”


“Fine, fine. A week.”


“Er… just keep it down, boys… Now where was I? Ah, yes: ‘And then the princess and her unicorn-”

Sarah has finally decided to admit that she’s kind of into her narcissistic, tight-pantsed, glitter-enthusiast stalker suitor. He’s finally admitted that she totally does have power over him and he’s making good progress on laying off the possessive, controlling creeper routine. She’s taken over the role of Goblin Queen and they’ve been quite happy together for some time.

Oh, and who’s that with them? Looks like it’s another member of Labyrinthine royalty: Ofelia. You all remember Ofelia from Pan’s Labyrinth, don’t you? She even brought some of her fairy friends and the satyr with her (in plush form because holy-shit is he creepy…) I figured that since Ofelia got a terribly sad, depressing ending, I should give her a happier one. See, she was half right. She IS a princess who’s daddy owns a labyrinth kingdom. BUT that kingdom died out while she was waiting to be reborn into the little girl from the movie, so she finds herself in the Goblin Kingdom instead.

Jareth, though he’d die before admitting it, secretly adores kids and kidnaps the ones people wish away because he wants to spoil them and make them happy. After centuries of doing whatever they want, they evolve into goblins and live in the Goblin Kingdom quite happily. He took to sweet little Ofelia immediately and Sarah found her absolutely adorable. She also sees a bit of herself in the backbone-of-iron little girl.

When Ofelia told them she was a princess of the underground kingdom, they said “Why, yes, I do believe you are.” gave her a crown and her own bedroom and adopted her right then and there. They know what she went through in her past life and how she died, so they’re careful to take extra good care of her.

Normally, pixies and fairies are pretty reviled in the Underground. They’re mean and they bite. But Ofelia has a way with fairies and under the influence of the few who came with her, the locals have tamed quite a bit. They even lend a hand with bedtime stories (though they’ll still nip Jareth just for spite on occasion).

That’s it for the challenge prompts for now, folks 🙂 I plan to go back through the list and re-do some of my lazier and/or crappier drawings and to do the list again with male characters, but for now, I’ve got some deadline-sensitive work to finish. Stay tuned for the next episode kids 😀


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