30 Day Monster Challenge: A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other

I fudged this one slightly thanks to a suggestion from a friend. I’ve done at least one or two other images of ladies luuuurving on one another, so I ran with something a little different for this one. (I’m planning to go back and do the series of monster BOYS anywho, so I may do some lady-lovins for this prompt on that one just to even things up.)

And now it’s time FO-O-OR: #29 -A big giant gay wedding! (Literally)

(Click to en-big-en. You know the drill.)


First off, no, you’re not imagining that. Adam and Steve DO bear a striking resemblance to a certain closeted pair of “roommates” from Sesame Street.  Also, yes their names ARE Adam and Steve, because I find the “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and STEVE” thing to be incredibly stupid and annoying. Consider this my “fuck you” to that argument.

Adam and Steve have been together for several centuries, and while technically giants don’t have marriage laws at all, they wanted to wait until their “small people” friends were able to marry before making it ‘official’. The day has finally arrived, so they’re tying the knot at last.

Adam and Steve have 3 adopted children together: Maria, Jason, and Zenia (left to right in the picture). Jason and Zenia are siblings who’s single-mother was a close friend of Adam’s. She died shortly after Zenia was born, so he and Steve took the two children in and have raised them along-side their first child, Maria, ever since.  Maria is super psyched that her daddies are getting married and she’s really excited to be the ‘flora girl’ (flowers are too small for giants to use in their ceremonies, so they pick attractive trees instead). Zenia and Jason are still adjusting to the loss of their mother, but since they’ve always known these two as “Uncle Adam” and “Uncle Steve” the transition to their new home wasn’t particularly difficult. Maria originally wasn’t going to have a tree corsage, but she wanted one “like Daddy’s” and they wanted the day to be special for her too. Jason and Zenia didn’t particularly care about that part. Jason’s just excited to be part of the day and Zenia is fascinated by her shoes.

All the gentleman giants, as you may have noted, are wearing a loin-cloth, as per giant tradition. Much like the Scottish kilt, Giantish loin-cloths are frequently worn to formal events, as they are traditional garb. Unlike the kilt, however, going ‘true Scotsman’ is considered crude and very bad manners, especially at an event that involves people small enough to see up your loin-cloth, so both gents are wearing skivvies underneath. (To do otherwise would be sort of like wearing a short-skirt and no underpants to a wedding.)

Also, you may  notice a few familiar folks in this picture. Our lovely cyclops newscaster, Trisha, is officiating, and the satyr and a few of her charming nymph lady-friends are in attendance as well. (They’re the tiny figures on the mountain-top just to the left of the grooms) Trisha is a (very) distant relative of Steve’s, who he asked to be part of the ceremony, since she’s used to being around “small people” as they call those of average-human size, and she’s used to speaking to crowds. Trisha, being a smaller breed of giant herself,  can generally  handle the mountain cold where Adam and Steve live, but she still had to bundle up since she’d be standing on that mountaintop for a while, and she has to wait for the “small people” to leave the mountain before she can safely walk down and not step on anyone. She’ll be up there for a while. The satyr (who I have not yet named…. suggestions?) is a friend of both grooms and is super happy for them that they’re finally getting married. She’s more content to date (a lot) for now, but hopes to settle down with the right lady (or several) someday. She and her nymph posse are also very cold-resistant – her fur and natural goat-iness helps her and they, being nymphs, are pretty much just naked at all times by default. They never get too hot or too cold and run around basically naked no matter what, so the hats and boots are really just for effect. It’s kind of like dressing up for nymphs.

Here the ladies are cheering their friends on:


@_@ It’s just… so… beautiful *sniffles* I always cry at weddings 😀

“Celebrate Monster Girls” is up next. Stay tuned kids 😀


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