The Lord Skellegore Memorial Waterslide

ALRIGHTY. Now that I am not passing out on my keyboard, I can better explain this 😀

You all probably remember that I posted a sketch of Lord Skellegore WAAAAAAAY back in October. He is petter of puppies, squee-er on water slides, recent NPC in our Land of the Lost fantasy RPG. (Yes, he became an NPC after the sketch was posted. Because he’s awesome :D)

Skellegore was a representative from “The Empire of Light” (aka, the land of the undead). He was an ambassador that our characters interacted with and later housed in our magical giant-stone-head house. (LOOONG story there.) As we ended our last session, we were preparing to cast a shield spell over the city we operate out of, Keepers Cove, which would require our magic house to get used up as a conduit and a specific incantation to make it work. What we didn’t know was that we didn’t have enough juice on our own, so Skellegore sacrificed himself to fill in the extra. His note (which we found afterwards) said he did it because he felt ready to move on to actually being dead, he really wants us to succeed in taking down the baddies of the story (two power-crazy generals who worship an evil snake who likes human sacrifices), and because he wanted to help us protect the city. We all got rather misty.

Also in the note was the request that we have a statue of him built, something fun but tasteful, to commemorate him. He thought it would be cool to have a memorial to him in a ‘living’ city because it’s never happened before. Given his love of Mexican food (and hats), puppies, and waterslides, we made it happen.

In Memorium: Lord Skellegore – petter of puppies, squee-er on water-slides, saver of Keepers Cover. (Click here for appropriate music)


To better read the inscription on his statue’s plaque, here’s a close-up:


Yes, he does wear floaties. At all times. Because they are awesome. And he is petter of puppies.

The building in the background is intended to be the city-hall, but it’s just sort of there as window-dressing. The sky is green because of the shield spell we cast last session. And now, it’s FACEPLANT-INTO-BED time. ‘Night all.


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