30 Day Monster Challenge: A Truely Gruesome Girl

“Heather, what do you say to Mrs. Smith?”

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Smith. Welcome to our home.” [perky monotone, like a computer with a child’s voice]

“… er… hello Heather…”


“Heather… what’s that in your mouth?”

“I ‘unno.”

“… Where did you find it?”

“The neighbors yard. It’s CHEWY!”

“… Gosh, look at the time, I  just remembered an appointment I have to keep!”


Heather is a… unique child. She took some candy from a nice lady in a dark alley a few years back and she’s just never been quite the same. She’s still polite and pleasant, she’s just a little…. odd. Never tell her to do anything unless you’re very specific. Also, don’t leave her alone with other children. Just don’t. There have been… incidents.

“Momma… I think I did a bad thing I’m not supposed to again.”

“Oh my god… what happened-?

“Michael from next door said you were fat and you remember how at school they told us I shouldn’t let people say mean things about others? So I took the hammer out of Daddy’s shed and – oh I wasn’t supposed to do that, I can tell. I’ll ask Daddy next time.”

“What. Did. You. Do. With. The. Hammer?”

“Oh, you’ll be proud of me! I washed it off and put it right back where I found it.”

“I’m going to be hearing from the police again, aren’t I?”

“Not unless someone finds his body.”


A group of Monster Girls is up next, though probably not until Monday. Stay tuned, kids 😀

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