30 Day Monster Challenge: Favorite Monster Girl

Ah, Gargoyles. That was a good movie, and a surprisingly good spin-off TV series. I LOVED the show, and I watched it every chance I got. The dialog got a little stilted sometimes, but the writing was generally excellent, the stories were thought-out and the plot twists were usually genuine. So when it came time to pick a favorite “monster girl” Demona won, hands down.

#25: Favorite Monster Girl (click to en-big-en. The wings are MASSIVE, so she got large in a hurry.)


Demona is complicated, and I think that’s why she fascinates me. She has serious trust issues, she’s a zealot, and she’s a little unstable, but at the same time, she’s emotional and scared and damaged by the trauma she went through in her past.  In the series, she’s shown to have always been a bit hot-headed and impulsive. She thinks she knows whats best and through her schemes to rid the gargoyles of their duty to protect the humans of their castle (by killing said humans off) she accidentally gets most of her clan killed instead. Devastated by this loss and thinking that she’s lost her mate and children forever, she goes a little coo-coo for cocoa-puffs and starts “punishing” every human being she finds (with the notable exception of children – she’s not that far gone) and tries to lead those few gargoyles who are left and help them survive. She… sort of… succeeds, but between the trauma that kicks off the movie (Goliath and co. turning to stone for a few thousand years) and the struggles she goes through trying to survive and keep her new clan alive, she really starts to slip into a fervent zealous anger against pretty much everyone who has ever disagreed with her or dared to be human.

Why I sympathize with her character is less a matter of “she suffered a lot” and more that she still shows traces of the scared young hot-head she used to be, all throughout the show. She still loves Goliath (more than she will admit), but she’s so messed up and angry that her frustration and jealousy manifest in violence and she ends up attacking him and the other surviving gargoyles a lot. She specifically goes after Elisa (his new human girlfriend) above any other target because she’s insanely jealous, and the fact that he’s dating, not just another woman, but a human, just rubs salt in the wound.  She is sort of like Magneto, in that she wants to create a utopia for her kind, but ends up alienating most of them instead because she’s kind of insane and unstable.

Demona: complicated, kind of bitchy, poster-child for the crazy-ex-girlfriend

And we love her for it 🙂


Next is “favorite monster girl character” and I’m not sure what the difference between this prompt and that one is… so I guess more fan-art is forth-coming? 😀

Stay tuned kids 😀


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