30 Day Monster Challenge: Favorite Monster Girl Character

Blugh, this is where the prompts got confusing. What’s the difference between yesterday’s prompt and today’s? Perhaps I’m doing them in the wrong order? Meh. I voted for “forget this crap” and just drew a Banshee instead. 😀

#26 “Favorite Monster Girl Character”  aka: “Fuck it, here’s a Banshee”


We’re all probably pretty familiar with Banshees. They’re the Irish fairy/monster/boogey-women who wail in the night (and occasionally in broad-daylight, if they feel like it). Their howls are an indicator that someone is about to die, usually the person who’s unlucky enough to hear them. They typically appear as a frightening hag, but sometimes as a beautiful young woman. I chose the more common appearance.

A lesser known bit of folklore about Banshees is that they often appear washing the bloodstained clothing or armor of the doomed party. Here she’s stalking through the night to show these items the next unlucky contestant on”You’re About to Die”.

For the record, Banshees do not actually kill people. They are just the messenger, alerting you that you will soon die. There are a few legends also saying that anyone who hears the Banshee (not just the intended party) will die, so you’re advised to cover your ears if you suspect the mysterious person approaching you could be a Banshee. Their cries are supposedly ridiculously loud and ear-splitting, and difficult to tune out, but there are at least a few folk-stories I’ve read where someone saved themselves by covering their ears and hiding until she passed, so theoretically you could do it. Unfortunately for those in the nearby area, it’s too late to clamp your hands over your ears after you hear her start wailing. By then, you’re already as good as dead.



One tidbit I forgot to mention: Banshees are also associated with a small host of animals that they can sometimes appear as – one of which being crows. Is this Banshee hanging out with another who’s transformed, or is the crow just visiting in hopes of a soon-to-be-dead meal? You decide.

“A Truly Gruesome Girl” is up next. Stay tuned 😀


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