30 Day Monster Challenge: Feline Girl

Man oh man, do I love Cirque du Soleil. I love it so very very much. The performers are amazing and ridiculously capable, the costumes, sets, makeup, lighting, the music… oh man, I could watch them for days at a time and never get bored. Everything about them is awesome and mind-blowing.

SO, when I tried to think of something cool for a feline person (cats ARE nature’s little acrobats/ninjas/comic relief) and the thought of melding them came into my head, I could not resist the temptation.

#22: Feline Girl


Her costume is meant to be somewhat bird-like and is inspired by a mix of designs and styles I’ve seen done on real Cirque costumes. It’s not as well designed as most of their costumes because holy-crap-tatoes do they have some amazing costume designers, but I did my best to at least get the right feel for her outfit.

Her pose is based on the poster for Cirque du Soleil “Zarkana” which features a rather muscley acrobat doing this same flip/pose/whatever it is they’re doing here. In my version, she’s doing her routine while twirling the ribbon on her tail into fun shapes and swirls.

I also tried a new approach with this image and used the linework as guide-line and just put in blocks of color with little snippets of lines here and there to differentiate things a little. It’s time consuming, but I like it. Probably won’t use it a lot, but it’s nice to have another trick up my sleeve that I can use if I want to.

If you’re not already familiar with Cirque, look them up. Seriously, watch all of their stuff you can get your sweaty little mitts on. You will be amazed.


Yokai will be next, probably on Monday. Enjoy kiddies 😀

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