Meme Time! -Disney-

So, I recently decided to do a meme just for giggles between other projects. I realized shortly after starting it that it was going to need to be an AU (alternate universe) me, or this one was going to get awkward in a hurry.

I’ll explain after you read through it πŸ˜€ (Note Prompt #3)


As you may have noticed, one of the major prompts is to design a “hot co-protagonist”. Being bi and wanting to nudge Disney in the direction of doing some same-sex love-stories at some point, this was a good opportunity to design a lady co-protagonist and go from there. But, that seemed kinda awkward since, y’know, dating a boy at the moment. SO, this is alternative Disney-verse me who is single and can therefore pursue the lady-love stories that may spring up without weirdness.

Next time, I think I’ll just create a totally fictional character to put through this meme and spare myself the awkwardness XD (I totally want that dress though…)

That said: here’s some explanation breakdown of each panel:

#1: Me as a Disney character. Emmy is CONSTANTLY begging for food, even if she has literally just finished eating a bowl of kibble. In a Disney-verse, she would be a musical animal doing numbers about food at every opportunity.

#2: Did you know that Li-Shang was voiced by Donny Osmond? Fun fact πŸ˜€ (Also I chose Mulan because she kicks ass.)

#3: Steampunk Princess Jasmine (after she gets past her anorexia) with red hair, riding a dragon. Hey, if I’m gonna dream, I might as well dream big πŸ˜€ I chose to make her a lady because, hey, I swing both ways, why not take the more interesting path here?

#4: Someone needs to choke the crap out of that jerk-ass, it might as well be me. I seriously wanted to mouse-trap that guy through the whole movie. Conveniently, I’m about 20x his size, so, y’know πŸ™‚

#5: Oops, AU-me fell off the dragon (close to the ground, she didn’t break anything) and is going “Oooooowww…..” They’re having that aaaaaaaaaaalmost brush-lips moment that every Disney movie has while co-protagonist helps her up and makes sure she’s not dead. Also it’s raining because… drama?

#6: This ties more into the plot of the movie I imagine happening that involves the co-protagonist. She dragged AU-me into her steam-punk/fantasy world because she needed somebody who could use this fire-elemental stone that she had, and her element is water. AU-me happens to be a fire element and can use it. The stone works only for a person of the correct elemental alignment and it’s powered by emotions. If for instance, the antagonists beat up her friend/maybe-love-interest-but-we’re-too-emotionally-constipated-to-have-worked-this-out-yet, she gets mondo-pissed. And she inflicts much pain and smack-down. And burning. Lots and lots of burning. Probably ending in a dramatic building collapse where AU-me appears to have gotten trapped in the rubble, but is saved by the power of magic and love and other such plot devices.

#7: a) The jammies she had on when she landed here were getting a bit ratty, so she gets a shiney new outfit from co-protagonist. b) The big end scene. Her new outfit got tattered all to hell on her way back to the water kingdom, so she got herself cleaned up and put on a new dress to go find the princess (co-protagonist) and explain that she isn’t dead. Co-pro decides “fuck worrying about rejection, you’re not dead and I’mma snog you silly!” and cuts off her re-cap of how she survived by doing just that. AU-me is totally ok with this. Someone tries to come in and talk to Princees Co-pro, but she’s busy snogging AU-me and doesn’t want to be bothered. Roll credits. The end.

There Disney, I just wrote you your first same-sex animated feature. You’re welcome, but you’d better give me writer credits! πŸ˜€


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