30 Day Monster Challenge: Satyr

Ah, I had fun with this one 🙂 Apparently something often forgotten about satyrs in mythology is their overt sexuality and their connection to nature. They’re basically the “How you doin’ babeh” of the mythological natural world. Also, for some reason, when I pictured my satyr I kept envisioning her as a soccer champion…. no idea why. Still, it works beautifully for her 😀

Presenting: #20: The Satyr


I played around with color schemes a bit in this one, more than I usually do. I chose brown for the satyr for her nature connection and pink for the nymphs for… well pretty obvious reasons. The tanned skin also helps my satyr look slightly South American, which coincidentally is a continent where people LOVE them some soccer (aka: Football everywhere but the USA). Yes ladies, gather round. There is plenty of satyr sexiness to go around, and she’s more than happy to share.

Canine Girl will be next. Stay tuned 😀


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