Charachter Design Roundup: Chang-Ying Wei (2.0) – PG-13

I won’t have the cyclops ready for at least several hours since I don’t have time to start on her right now and I’ve got a bunch of errands to run. So you won’t all feel neglected, here’s a bonus goodie for you enjoy until she’s up 😀

You all remember Chang-Ying, don’t you? She’s my androgynous Companion character from a Firefly game that I’m playing. She’s also going to star in a mini-comic sometime in the near future (prep-work is still underway).

SO, you all get to enjoy the shiny-shiny goodness of her updated and fancified character designs (not all of which will necessarily appear in the comic).

First: Chang-Ying on her day off, in ‘neutral’ mode (not acting the part of either gender)


Notice the generic haircut, the super-baggy non-gendered clothing, and the generally comfy, lazy-day sweat-pants vibe. This is her “I’m relaxing and I don’t have to impress anybody today” get-up. She will occasionally wear this around her fellow crew members if she’s feeling lazy, but she typically won’t leave her quarters unless she’s wearing either a solidly male or solidly female persona.

Next: Chang-Ying dressed up as a lady for a client’s party


She’s wearing chest-enhancing prosthetic, since she’s pretty flat-chested. Nothing TOO ostentatious, since she’s trying for sexy, not ridiculous and silly. Fortunately, she’s an expert at absurdly realistic prostheses (everybody has a hobby), so it’s seamlessly attached and won’t come loose even if she ends up “working late” later in the evening. There’s a special solvent that has to be applied to make them come loose, at which point the whole assembly comes right off. As for the rest of her outfit, well… she’s a very sophisticated and well educated lady, but she is still an escort, and she’s not shy about showing off what she’s got while on the clock. (Yes, she is also wearing hair-extensions, though they were specially made from her own hair and are also very skillfully applied, so you’d never know they were not growing right out of her head).

Lastly: Chang-Ying dressed up as a man (also for a client):


Another prosthetic, same deal. This one has a little more under the hood than the chest prosthetic does. I won’t get into detail, but it is rigged to her actual anatomy to produce a …realistic experience, for everyone involved. Again, (s)he’s showing off what (her)his momma gave (her)him, with the sheer cut-away clothing. More hair extensions of the same sort as her lady outfit. They can be styled just like regular hair, but male-Chang-ying usually just wears a ponytail.


And, though it should go without saying, everything on this blog IS copyrighted to me,  and is not to be used, sold, altered, or “borrowed” without my express written permission. (By “everything” I mean all the artwork and original concepts. I obviously do not own Firefly.) You can repost to your heart’s content AS LONG AS you credit me as the artist and provide a link back to my blog and/or website (preferably to the relevant post).

Cyclops girl will be up sometime today or tomorrow. Stay tuned kids 😀

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