30 Day Monster Challenge: Reptile Girl

This would’ve been short and sweet, but I had some job applications to do. (Yes, internet, unless you’d like to give me monies for my art, I must return to the world of the day-job. :p)

#15: The Reptile Girl (click to en-big-en)


“Gahd, cut it out you freaking drama-queen! You do this every week! I’m Cindy, remember? From the window-cleaning crew? I’m just taking a sunning break. It’s just getting offensive at this point Steve.”


“Ugh… now that’s just racist.”


“Happy now?”

“I can still see your clothes…”

“Oh you’d LIKE me to take my clothes off, wouldn’t you Steve?”


Cindy works with a window-cleaning crew on a big fancy office building downtown. She’s mostly chameleon (but there’s some geko in the family too, hence the sticky toes) and cold-blooded, so she takes a sunning break every hour or so to warm up before going back to work. Steve just happens to have the bad luck of being petrified of lizards and having an office with GREAT sun exposure. That sounded like such an asset during negotiations….

Cindy has tried to explain to Steve that she’s just sunning herself and he can go back to work, but he always starts screaming whenever he notices her. She even tried to blend in with the skyline so he would relax, but her clothes don’t share her ability to change colors. I sense an HR spat brewing.


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