30 Day Monster Challenge: Dullahan

Grah…. I must stop doing so much crazy detail in these o.o; So many soda cans….. @_@

#14: The Dullahan (click to see bigger)


For anyone who (like me before I did this) has no idea what a Dullahan is, here’s a quick description:

“Dullahans are headless. Although the dullahan has no head upon its shoulders, he carries it with him, either on the saddle-brow of his horse or upraised in his right hand. The head is the colour and texture of stale dough or mouldy cheese, and quite smooth. A hideous, idiotic grin splits the face from ear to ear, and the eyes, which are small and black, dart about like malignant flies. The entire head glows with the phosphoresence of decaying matter and the creature may use it as a lantern to guide its way along the darkened laneways of the Irish countryside. Wherever the dullahan stops, a mortal dies.” (Click here to see the rest)

They also carry a whip made of a human spine, ride a black horse that shoots sparks and fire out of it’s nose, and are known to either strike people’s eyes out with their whip if they catch them looking, or just throw a basin of blood over them. Dullahan can get past any lock or barrier to reach a the site where a death will shortly occur or the person who is in the midst of dying. They speak only one word on each ride, the name of the person who is about to die, and that calls the soul out of the dying body and they carry it off the land of the dead.

I took a few liberties with it’s eyes, since it looks a lot creepier and more nonchallant with red pupil-less eyes than it did with tiny black-dot eyes. It’s also really hard to draw darting eyes in a non-moving image. Also, her head isn’t grinning because she only does that for spooky effect while working, and she’s relaxing her facial muscles tonight, while she has the chance. Gotta focus on holding her cards anyways.


Tonight is this Dullahan’s night off. She’s hanging out with ‘the girls’ and playing some cards until the Headless Horseman gets there for some “Mortals and Day-jobs”. They’re doing a board-room raid tonight. What game are they playing? Hell if I know. I wasn’t about to ask. How are they eating pizza, chips,and drinking soda? Again, I wasn’t going to ask. And you probably don’t want to know.

Reptile/Dragon girl is up next. Hopefully she’ll be a little less tardy than this one was.


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