30 Day Monster Challenge: Insect Girl

Woof. I put WAAAAY too much detail into this… But, I do really  like how it came out, so I guess it was worth it 🙂

#13: The Insect Girl Woman


Mrs. Ladybird (aka. Gram-Gram) is looking after the little grubs for the weekend while their parents are out of town at a Sculptural Leaf-Chewing convention. The two older children are generally helping out, though obviously one of them is way more interested in Gram-Gram’s freshly baked caterpillar-with-sea-salt bread than in keeping an eye on his little sibs. Fortunately, Gram-Gram can focus on her aphid stew, since her other grandchild is keeping the baby amused. The other baby (they’re twins) is having a nice warm nap by the fire. Gram-Gram rocks him every so often to keep him snoozing peacefully.

Dullahan is up next.


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