30 Day Monster Challenge – BONUS ROUND – Genie

Because I had a sketch started for the Succubus and didn’t use it, I decided to finish it and not let a good pose go to waste 😀

Thus, in keeping with the “sexy” bonus round theme: Here’s an off-duty Genie relaxing after a long day of baby-sitting a stupid mortal.


I imagine her having a friend off panel who’s complaining about the moron who got ahold of her lamp this time. She’s listening patiently and being a good friend. (Also, she’s waiting for her turn to vent.) Both of them have had to explain the “Don’t touch the genie” rules about mortals not being allowed to command the genie to sleep with them or let them do other… stuff. They’re not sure if those rules are technically official, but if it let’s them get through the day unaccosted….


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