30 Day Monster Challenge: The Succubus

As has been pointed out to me, a Succubus is technically the same thing as a demon, it’s just sex-based. But, at least the sex angle gave me something work with.

Thus, I present, #10, the Succubus: (click to see bigger)


Succubi are essentially sex demons that appear to men in their sleep (and possibly lesbians? – that part wasn’t covered) and seduce them in their dreams. Theoretically, the Succubi feed on you during these dreams, since sexing up a Succubus more than once (once is apparently fine) is supposedly very bad for you and doing it all the time can kill you.

This succubus is sending pretty dreams of a sexy and willing lady into this guy’s head and eating all the excess mental energy he generates while enjoying his dream. Also a little nod to Vagina Dentata, for those of you who’re familiar with the concept. If not, congratulations, you have a new source of nightmare fuel, fellas 😀

Mmmmm…. horny college guy brain-waves. They’re like Succubus potato chips.

Tomorrow’s beastie: The “True Monster” Stay tuned!


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