30 Day Monster Challenge: The Demon

Ugh. This one…

I’ll be honest: I’ve always hated the whole concept of the “demon” mythology. I just hate it. It’s heavy-handed, ugly, and uncreative. And really it’s a less frightening version of much more interesting things that go bump in the night, like the boogey-man or vampires, and dear GODS is it overplayed in virtually every sort of story-telling.

This being the case, I had a hard time giving a poop about this prompt, and perhaps that shows. Still, I know that what you don’t see is more frightening than what you do see, so I tried to go minimalist on this, both because I wasn’t all that interested in it, and because it’s more effective that way.

Without further bitching from me, I present: #9: The Demon


“Is it just me, or has Katie been acting kind of weird lately?”

This one probably won’t end up in my shop* unless someone specially requests it, because… again, well… demons are boring.

Succubus is up next, and I promise that one will suck less 😀

* Enjoying the series so far? I’m starting to upload these to my Cafe Press shop now, so if you’d like prints, t-shirts, or even pillow-cases of these critters, click here to take a look. Octomaid and the Naga are up so far, and more are coming, so check back often.

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