30 Day Monster Challenge: Plant Girl

Ugh, I should not have stayed up so late. Still, she’s done 😀 (The photoshop file for this is MASSIVE. I didn’t realize it, but she expanded as I drew until she was about 30 inches wide o.o).

Presenting #7: The Plant Girl

(Click to view bigger. Detail of face and horns below)


Face detail:


Horn/’hat’ detail


I started out trying to decide what plant to base her off of, but realized that I didn’t want to go that route with this “monster girl”. I decided to simply make her out of plant-matter: roots, branches, earth, leaves, etc. Once I had her face made of vines sketched, the rest fell into place. She became one of the more monstrous of my “monster” collection.

This is Sinead, what Mother Nature sends out when she gets pissed off. She’s an enforcer of sorts, and you DO NOT want to see her. If you do, you’re already screwed. Why, you may be wondering? Well aside from her limbs being made of intertwined prehensile vines and branches, she’s about 12 feet tall, never gets tired, can reform if you manage to knock parts of her off, oh, and she’s cranky as hell. She’s also not subject to the same “everything dies” rules as much of the natural world. She dies if and when Mother Nature says so. Not until. And BOY does she hate it when you don’t recycle.

Also, those pretty green glowing speckles all over her? Those are spores. So in a few minutes there’s going to be lots of little baby Sineads running around. So remember kids, don’t pollute! (Or Sinead will find you.)


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