30 Day Monster Challenge: Octomaid

This one came out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, thanks to the power of Wikipedia. I found out ALL SORTS of neat stuff about Octopi from there that made designing my #8 monster girl a lot easier. Scroll down below the image to see some fact-finding goodies šŸ˜€ I came across.

#8: The Octomaid (click to see bigger)


Octopi can’t really multi-task like this, since they don’t have a sense of where all their limbs are like humans do. BUT since this is an Octo-lady and not a regular octopus, she gets to bypass that issue by having her humanoid senses cover that part.

Octopi also have excellent eyesight (hence why she can write notes at such a distance from her face) and are very intelligent. This one’s studying for a big final exam and having a working lunch to save time. Their sense of hearing tends to be pretty lousy, so she’s using earbuds to keep from bothering those seacritters nearby who have better hearing than hers.

Also, for those unfamiliar with octopus anatomy, she’s not wiping at her “lady area” with that napkin. Octopi have a large mouth in the center of their tentacles on the bottom of their bodies. She’s just tidying up some rice-crumbs that didn’t quite make it into her mouth from the last bite of sushi.

Now, (because what kind of monster maker would I be if I didn’t have a story for her?) some personal details about Octomaid:

Her name is actually Charlotte, and she’s in her Sophomore year at Coral Reef University. She’s studying for a big Philosophy exam, and the assigned text was written by a crustacean you’re all probably familiar with šŸ˜€ (“Under the sea! Under the sea!”) Charlotte enjoys fizzy drinks, sushi, and doodling when she’s not studying hard. She got that lovely conch pen from her uncle Fynn when he vacationed off the coast of Maui.Ā  Her favorite color is yellow (obvious) closely followed by green, and she’s majoring in Underwater Accoustic Engineering and minoring in Art, specializing in ink-spray paintings. After the exam, she’s going back to her studio to do some painting. She just needs someone to startle her on cue.

Stay tuned kids, “the demon” is up next. šŸ˜€


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