30 Day Monster Challenge: The Spider Girl

This one is a bit late, since I was working on a job application and didn’t get started until around 4 o’clock today.

I decided that the best approach to a spider girl was, again, to shake things up a little. I didn’t want to do a Playboy bunny sticking out of a spider-butt, so I decided to integrate the two a bit more than is normally done. I also happened back across a video of this little dude here, the peacock spider, (the really good part starts around 2:45), and decided that it was simply too adorably silly to pass up.

That led to #6: The Spider Girl


If you haven’t watched the video, you’re missing out. Basically it’s a few minute long mating dance done by extremely silly and tiny spiders who have what amounts to a fold-out peacock tail attached to their butts and dance with two little legs in the air to impress lady spiders. I decided to translate that mating dance into a punk-rock spider with the peacock tail as her hair instead of coming off her tush.  Her guitar’s name is “The Widow” (obviously modeled on a black-widow). I imagine her having a name like “Priscilla” and speaking with a thick cockney accent.

The pyro-technics are to help attract mates. Male, female, she’s not picky. She’ll have time to lay eggs later. For now, IT’S PARTY TIME!

Plant Girl is on tap for tomorrow, unless more job stuff materializes. Stay tuned!


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