30 Day Monster Challenge: Mermaid

Alas, most of the original ideas I had for this were (again) already used up, so I had to branch out a little further than I normally would. I wanted to do an orca mermaid, but there’s already a zillion of those. Then I was going to do a jellyfish but, alas, beaten to that too. Then I thought “A SHRIMP!” … and yes, I was beaten to the punch there as well. :p At least as far as I know, the concept I ended up going with is an original πŸ™‚

As such, my mermaid is a little…. different…

Presenting, #5: The Mermaid


This charming young lady is based on a lamprey eel. They’re basically a tube of muscle with a stomach and a maw dreamed up by Lovecraft. Not something you ever want to see up close and personal. So of course… here she is πŸ˜€

Since I realize most people take a sort of… fetishy… approach to this project, I decided to make at least this one of my creatures a little sexy. … And because I’m me, I decided to make her some high-octane nightmare fuel while I was at it. Enjoy your horrifying wet-dreams everybody πŸ˜€ (Can’t you just see her doing “Part of your world” with the waves crashing behind her as she siphons the innards out of a nearby fish? Poor Flounder….)

Spider girl will be next, though she may be on pause until Monday. Keep your eyes peeled πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “30 Day Monster Challenge: Mermaid

  1. I like that you made the background so dark – it adds a pragmatism that reflects the endeavor well, I think. Also, I’d consider forgoing the big boobs, and wonderful as all guys (including myself) think boobs are. She should be nice and streamlined, right? πŸ˜‰

    1. Heh, generally yes, but I wanted to mess with people a little, especially since mermaids are so fetishised πŸ˜€ I may do another version of her without the boobs, but for now, she’ll keep ’em. If not for the fact that I want to mess with people who think mermaids are barbies with fishy-tails, I’d have done her differently.

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