30 Day Monster Challenge: Naga

Geeze, this one was harder than I expected to get right. My first ideas ended up having been done a zillion times, so I scrapped them and attempted a more integrated Naga (aka, not just half snake half person). That was interesting, but just wasn’t working, so I tried switching which half of the body was snake and which was human. Amusing, but awful looking, so I outright deleted it.

This one came from doing some thinking about what kind of snake I wanted to use as my base and thinking about what I HADN’T already seen done with the idea.

This is Aga, my #4 in the monster challenege: The Naga


Aga is a garter-snake naga. She’s very small, lives in rural garden beds, is generally pretty harmless, and eats bugs. She is particular that they be free-range and organic insects, though, and she won’t eat butterfly (they’re so pretty, you see). She’s also disgusted that some garter snakes eat pesticide killed bugs. UGH. Have some standards, honestly!

Currently, she’s preparing her outfit for the annual Mrs. Smith’s Yard Area Renaissance Festival. She’s going as a queen cobra this year, and she’s very proud of her hat design. (Her hair always faintly resembles snake fangs, she just likes it that way.)

Aga is fairly sure her costume is going to impress everybody, and it may even keep Mrs. Smith from chasing her with that damned rake again.


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