Renxeche – shapeshift sketches

My fantasy character, Renxeche (here and here) recently acquired a belt that allows her to become a few other species of similar size to her. One of them is a troll and another is an ogre. It’s mainly aesthetic, but the DM agreed to let her have the actual anatomy of these creatures while in their shape, since she was curious about organic life and how mating works. She had some “fun” with an ogre, resulting, we think at least, in the little dragon critter on Ogre Renxeche’s shoulder (She zoned out and when she came back to herself, there was an egg sitting by her foot that hatched into Pangari “Junior” there).  There are others she can use, but these are the only two that have come up in game, so I did sketches of what she looks like in both forms.  (click on the image to see it full-size)


So why are they “sexy”? That’s because her transformation gives her an appearance attribute of 3 (meaning it makes her pretty). The idea is that since she’s very not sexy as a robot, giving people a pretty face to remember when she’s disguised makes it less likely they’ll associate her creature forms with her robot-y self. (I did not come up with this by the way, so if you wish to rant, you’ll just have to grumble at the DM, who will probably never see your grumbles. Sorry.)

I made her tattoos in both forms mimic the plates and joints of her robot form, to give her a little more reference to her actual appearance. Plus they all have to rock a mohawk 😀 Compare them side by side to see where they line up.

I will probably finish these with fancy linework and coloring at some point, but not until January, most likely. There will also be more of Lord Skellegore, because he amuses me.


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