MEME! of flirtation :D

I had artist block the other day, so I decided to do a meme instead of doing something meatier. Here is that meme.

(click to view at full size)


I decided to take a few liberties with the idea of “flirting” and just went ahead and went for full-on snuggling in a few of these. (What the hell is “embracing” if not the same thing as “hugging” anyway? I chose to make it be snogging against a pier 🙂 )

Also, for the sake of fairness, I decided to alternate each image, female/female, male/male, male/female. Plus I get to indulge my “AWWWW” reflex when viewing cuddling couples like woah 🙂 The seasons also rotate for each image, though it’s not always easy to tell, since some are indoors and some our outdoors. (And some are set in a fantasy land.)

There’s also a snidgeon of story or at least conversation to go with each panel of the meme.

Holding hands: “OH MY GOD I DID IT! I TOTALLY KISSED HER! Wooooh!”  “Oh my gosh, she kissed me! I’m never washing these lips again!”

Grabbing the arm: These two gents are out at the local carnival taking in the sites and going on rides. Seen here, gentleman #1 (I’m too lazy to name any of them who’s names don’t volunteer to my brain immediately) was smart enough to wear a jacket and is enjoying his icey-cold soft-drink. Gentleman #2 forgot to bring one, so he’s warming up with a hot coffee. They’re off to the tunnel-of-love next 🙂

Entwined fingers: Marco is teaching Gina how to tango. It is in no way an excuse to get closer to his secret crush, no sirree. And Gina certainly didn’t agree to it just so she could get up-close-and-personal with HER crush. Nope, nope nope 😉

Hugging: “You’re my best friend ever, Eva.” “Awww, love you too, Short, stuff.” (*Cue couch-cuddles*) ‘Short stuff’ is actually Yoo-Sun Woo, daughter of Korean immigrants and hardcore Harajuku fashion-fan. She has never been to Japan, but secretly dreams about taking Eva there someday, though she will probably NEVER convince Eva to dress up or dye her hair all rainbowy. Eva thinks Yoo-Sun is fricking adorable, but she will never understand her sense of style. She’s ok with it though.

Embracing: I have no idea what this was supposed to be since Embracing and Hugging are basically the same thing. Hence, it became making-out on a pier. Good times 🙂

Holding form Behind: Paul and Yasmine have been besties since they were 6. They’ve been dating since they were 16. Paul is planning to propose to her over hot-chocolate after they’re done playing in the snow 🙂

Lifting up (princess style): “Eep! Where did you come from?!” “Let’s just get you home now, shall we?” (I envision this as the lady soldier rescuing a clueless princess from a rowdy crowd. The princess got in over her head and her body-guard waded in to retrieve her.)

Carrying on back: Steve here is carrying his boyfriend home from a late-night party at their friend’s house. Boyfriend stayed up all night watching B-movies and crashed around 4 am. Since he can only keep one eye open at a time, Steve kindly volunteered to carry him the 3 blocks home. (Fortunately, Steve plays field-hockey and boyfriend is fairly light.)

Hiding face in: “Not that I’m complaining about comforting Suzy here, but did you HAVE to scare her like that? You  know she’s mortally terrified of clowns…”

Touching foreheads: Since this was the last image in the set, and because there’s one extra of the lady/lady pairing vs the other two, this one’s a little special. It’s an anniversary-party slowdance for Nadine and Agatha here. The two ladies have been together for 15 years and got officially married two years ago. They may be in their mid-40s, but they still act like teenagers when they’re together.


In other news, little artlings, some friends an I have recently founded an art collective! Check us out here:

We are accepting commissions, but since we’re only just getting up and running, please be patient if there are little delays.

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