Setting the Stage #2 – Underground Tomb V.2

So I wasn’t quite satisfied with my earlier attempt at this one. Sure it was kinda ominous, but only kinda. I started thinking more about what makes a place scary and what triggers the mind to be uncomfortable about a place, even if it’s only seeing an image of it.

I also thought more about alternatives to the old standby “spooky old dungeon” concept that I was beating like a dead horse and tried something a little more modern. Granted, this is stretching the “tomb” thing a little, but given it’s an underground morgue, I think it’s close enough.

I used the green lighting because it gives the image a sterile, laboratory feeling, and because it lends it an unnatural quality.

Keep your location suggestions coming, kiddies, I’ve only got a few more until I run out 😦

Next on the agenda, adding more goodies to my Cafe Press store so you can buy them all up, doing another meme or two, and some Firefly Chibis. Stay tuned 😀


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