Firefly Chibis!

Now, I know many of you have seen this image before:

I drew this AGES ago, with the intention of making a series of them. For those who haven’t seen Firefly (and seriously, WHY HAVEN’T YOU?) this is Inara and Mal (alias Captain Tightpants) doing some Lindy Hop.

Well, if you’ve been wishing to see the other crew-members strutting their stuff on the dance-floor, now you’re in luck! I’m picking up the series again, at last, and will be doing the whole main cast, and possibly a couple of supporting characters as well!

For now, here’s the second in the series. Presenting my other favorite Firefly couple: Zoe and Wash!

Wash was grabbed for a surprise dip while playing with his dinosaurs. (Alan Tudyk is rather hard to chibify….).

What’s that you say? You’d LOVE to have one or both of these couples immortalized on a t-shirt, a tasteful stadium blanket, or maybe just a nice print to hang on your wall? Why, you ARE lucky today indeed! I have a ton of goodies featuring the visage of these two charming couples in my new Cafe Press store!

Mal and Inara are the main image, click on Zoe and Wash to get the list of products with their image on it.

Happy shopping kids, more will be coming soon!

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