Clothing Meme – Gisli

Another meme! 😀

I had so much fun with this one, which is probably why it took me a solid week to finish it…

😀 Don’t care, did art.

Again this is a LARGE image, so please allow it some time to load. It may take a few minutes.

A few details: This is Gisli. She’s a pre-Christian, Norse lesbian, who is in love with her best friend, Signy. I won’t say much more about, since I have a revamp of her graphic novel in the works, so you can read all about her when it’s posted and/or published someday 😀

As far as the meme:

1) Gisli looking pretty sedate and normal.

2) Gisli does not appreciate this ethnic stereotyping. Also she thinks she looks stupid in that outfit.

3) Gisli is Storm. She likes this one, despite the skimpy clothes, because dressing like S&M Barbie comes with the joys of having the powers of Thor, as well as the ability to fly. She’s ok with that trade-off.

4) ❤ Lesbians in looooooove :3 (Gisli is holding Signy, in case anyone was wondering). Signy: “My hero… @-@ <3<3”

5) Gisli does not like corsets. They can rot in hell as far as she’s concerned.

6) Medieval Europe in the winter is very cold. These two goats wandered off, forcing her to go out looking for them. They are grounded for the rest of forever after this.

7) Gisli is all for anything that gets her out of her traditional gender role. Plus, she no longer has to deal with all that long super-curly hair once it’s been shaved off 😀 (She’s also very excited by her discovery of hair-dye and nail-polish.)

8) Relaxing at the pool. Gisli doesn’t much feel like getting in the water, but Signy is having a great time. (Shortly after this picture was taken, she tipped Gisli’s raft over and they had a play-wrestling match over her sunglasses. Good times were had by all).

9) Flower children. Not much to say about this, just the two of them being cute together. (Also, yes, Signy is supposed to be significantly taller than Gisli. Gisli is pretty short and Signy is unusually tall for her time-period. They’re such an adorable odd-couple 🙂 )

10) While the adage “Never get between a momma grizzly and her cubs” is well known, it is actually far more dangerous to get between a cat-mommy and her fur-baby.
Don’t worry Gisli, I won’t cut you as along as you return my baby to me safe and sound when you’re done trying on my clothes 😀

(I opted for the outfit I’m actually wearing now for Gisli. The gray sweater made Emmy a little harder to see, but I prefer to challenge myself drawing what I’m really wearing, rather than picking out easy to draw stuff from my wardrobe and being lazy 😀

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As you can see here, I made some more serious adjustments to their character designs for their final look.

And here is the sneak preview of image #4. So cute 😀 (They are now my desktop background :3)


More will be coming, childrens, so keep watching. Likely next up with be a second crack at that “forbidding tomb” I was trying to do earlier, and a few more settings. Probably some character designs too.
Anyone with suggestions of awesome settings or locations that you’d like to see me draw, let me know. I’m looking to sharpen my skills, so challenging is fine 😀

(Link to the blank meme can be found here.)

Also, if you’re still reading, you probably care: PRINT SALE!


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