Gisli in the snow

As Adam pointed out, I may be spending A LOT of time drawing lately. He came in to tell me to go to bed about a half hour ago… after I had been drawing most of the day. And gods-help-me, I simply could. not. stand. to get up from this chair until the scene I was drawing was done.

The meme I’m doing isn’t done yet, but I’m pleased with how this particular part came out, so I’m giving you all  a sneak peak 😀

Presenting: Adorable Lesbians in Snow

The blonde is Gisli, the brunette is Signey (her lady-love). Some of you may remember the attempt I made to redo their characters here. I liked SOME of the changes, but others just weren’t doing it. So, they got a few more little updates. Enjoy 😀 More details about these two will probably accompany the actual meme this comes from.

Nighty night childrens 😀


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