BoyLove character! *cue sparkles*

One of our normal game crew is running a BoyLove game based on all the silly, glorious, sparkly goodness of yaoi and magical-girl anime.

This charming gentleman is my character for the game:

This is Vinchenzo (not his real name) Smith. Vinchenzo will never ever tell you what his actual name is, because it’s not artsy enough and he hates it. He’s a 17 year old art student who recently tranferred from a school in the United States, and he has a motorcycle! šŸ˜€ He even did a custom paint-job šŸ˜€

Vinchenzo is very much convinced that he knows everything there is to know about pretty much anything relating to art, and god help you if you contradict him.Ā  He’s also quite certain that he’s the greatest artistic genius since… well ever.

More details may follow later, but I don’t want to give TOO much away about him just yet (the characters are only vaugely known to one another for now).

And, so you don’t think I’m being stingy, here’s a headshot of Vinchenzo, doing what he does best: Grumbling about how we’re all philistenes, and ‘correcting’ someone’s comments about one of his drawings.


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