Sissine Redux


… ok, not really, but she looks much spiffier here 😀

A few changes from the original, here: She now has complete legs and feet (instead of trailing off the page) and I slimmed down her face to give it a more angular “big cat” look. I also gave her a haircut so she looked less like she’d just stepped off the set of an 80’s movie.

As I said before, she’s neutral, so she’s gently holding the trusting little bunny in one hand, and part of a fresh-kill (from her hunt) in the other.

Also, if a single solitary person starts bitching that “this isn’t a real goddess” because she’s not from mythology or a D&D pantheon, I swear I will come to your house and beat you with a fish. 😀 I’m like that.

Enjoy, more will be coming soon 🙂

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