Steampunk Fan Service! :D

So, as my facebook followers probably noticed, I recently commented on a steampunk image linked by a group I follow. I won’t link it here, but I bet you can find a dozen similar images in about 30 seconds on google.  The image boils down to “Scantilly clad, extremely busty woman in ‘saloon girl’ costume, ‘seductively’ caressing a large gun, with her back arched into anatomically impossible shapes and her legs crossed in anatomically impossible ways”. We’ve ALL seen them.

My comments went as follows: “I love Steampunk as much as the next person… but has anyone informed the artist that it is DAMNED uncomfortable to sit like that under the best of circumstances? Multiplied by a factor of ‘corset’ that would be excruciating. Especially with her legs crossed hard enough to break bones….”
I discussed the image at some length with a friend and we decided it’s really only fair to turn the tables and put a man in her pose. Now, he’s not identical the original (that’d be way too easy) but the feel, sexual-objectification, and pointlessly uncomfortable pose has carried over 😀

(Also there’s a few versions of the image because I was having fun experimenting with it.)

Here’s the basic version. Note the pointlessly skimpy outfit, the needlessly sexualized pose, and his awesome steampunk cyborg-oyster.

Some minor shading that wasn’t quite dimensional enough.

This is the “painted” version. I wasn’t 100% happy with some of the contrast and detailing, but I think it came out nicely none-the-less 🙂

Please comment and discuss, I’m interested to see what other people’s take on this will be.


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