Bonus Sketch Pile! :D

Because it’s Tuesday, because I’m nice, (and because I finally got around to scanning them…) Here’s some bonus sketches to enjoy 😀

Please note, all of these are straight out of my sketchbook, with only the contrast and levels changed (to make them easier to see). They are not finished images, just sketches that I liked.

First off:

This is Sissine.

She’s a recently freed goddess character from our BESM game. Sissine is apparently a neutral diety (hence the bunny in one hand and the bloody skull in the other). I intend to redo this as a full illustration, but for now, I thought I’d share the sketch :D.

Next is a killer squid beast from the same game:

This little guy and his brethren kept latching onto us and squeezing. My theory is they just wanted hugs.

This is “hair bangle” lady.

She exists purely because I was bored and in the mood for drawing some faintly norse-looking fantasy costume goodness. She will probably not be getting colorized.

And finally, one of my favorite doodles of all:

This is Lord Skellegore. Bringer of Doom. Petter of Puppies. Squee-er on water-rides.

Something about his expression of pure glee was just too good not to share. Enjoy.


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