X-men Genderbend Continued! (PG-13 for boobies)


So, yeah, if I sound a little manic, that’s why. I’m up past mah bedtime :p

Here’s Wolverine and Storm, being all genderbendy.

More explanation will probably follow once I’m actually awake enough, but for now, suffice to say it’s another gender-bender. This one I made a couple of “major” changes to, so it’s not quite as concept pure as the first one. A) I had to move the crouching figure over because HOLY GIBBLETS does Storm have ridiculously long legs. She couldn’t fit into the image properly that close to Wolverine. I also adjusted their skin-tones to something resembling actual humans. The original image looks like they both rolled in lots of Cheetoh dust for some reason, and that just doesn’t make sense to me. One’s a Canadian and one’s African… Unless it was 2-for-1 at the spray-tan booth, that needed fixing.

Also, yes, Storm is topless. Wolverine was topless in the original, so Storm is topless in the reproduction. I thought about a censored bar, but really, you’re all big people. I have faith that you’ll find a way to deal with it.

Here’s the original for comparison (note the Cheetoh dust flesh-tones…)

Again, I do not own this image, etc. etc. etc. Don’t sue, me.

And now, I’m off, kiddies.


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