X-men Gender Bender :D

This is exactly what it sounds like. I recently became (more) interested (than usual) in how genders are portrayed, especially in comics. And there is a HUUUUUUGE difference in how each one is portrayed, boy howdy. Don’t even get me started on how “alternative” people are depicted. If they show up at all, it ain’t pretty.

So, in keeping with some other similar images I’m working on, I decided to do a simple character swap, just for funsies. Everything the same except it is now the male character in the female character’s pose and clothing and vice versa. LET THE FUN BEGIN!

I think Emma Frost got chilly in this (original) image, so they changed clothes. Image


I am including it because it is the image mine is based on. I don’t own the characters, etc. etc. you know the drill.

Feel free to discuss, chickies, more will be coming đŸ™‚


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