Character Design Roundup: Chang-ying Wei – PG-13

Yes, that’s right, we’re doing another one 😀 This time the game is a Firefly game run on BESM (Big Eye Small Mouth) .

What’s that I hear some of you saying? You’ve never heard of Firefly?! Click. Here. NOW.
The setting is similar to the TV show, except that none of the main characters are present, and our ship is different from the Serenity. As we were throwing around some character concepts while discussing the game, one of the other players mentioned doing a male Companion. Since it’s not something you see in the show, and you rarely see references to gentlemen “escorts” that aren’t satirical in general, it was a pretty cool idea. He ultimately went with a former spaceship racing pilot, but I decided to tweak the idea a little further (I don’t like playing male characters) and make it an androgynous Companion. (I technically had to choose a gender, so she’s female, but you would never know unless she chose to show you.)

Chang-ying Wei has always been androgynous. She just never settled into the role  of male or female, and since most other people couldn’t figure it out either, they more or less just let it go.  She made her living for a long time as a celebrated Companion, playing to whatever her client wanted her to be. The mystery of her true gender was also a huge selling point, and “guess the gender” became a popular party game, since Chang-ying was always at the best parties anyway. Between her lavish, extremely thorough costumes, and her ability be anyone, of any gender, that she chose, she also made a small fortune in client fees.

An expert with prosthetics (always fun in bed), an ace actress, and a champion seductress, she’s very, VERY good at her job, and things were going well for her. That is… until she visited a client near the front-lines of the war that was slowly straggling to a close. The atrocities she saw there scarred her for life. As soon as she returned from the visit, she vanished from the public eye, stopped receiving clients, and soon afterwards, left her House for good. Now she’s seen only rarely, by the occasional lucky client, but otherwise keeps to herself. … At least, that’s how the story goes.
In reality, Chang-ying has signed on with a salvage crew, functioning as diplomat, assasin, Companion, whatever is needed. As dangerous as she is sexy, Chang-ying is always looking for a way to take a swipe at the Alliance, especially if it offers the chance to take them down for good.

Here she is modeling some of her work clothes.

And here she is at work. This client would’ve been paying extra for the time it took to apply all that glitter, but since she’s there to assassinate them anyway….

More work pics. I did say she works as both a woman, and a man, did I not? (Her specialty is seducing men, but she swings either way, really.)

And, because, sexiness or not, she’s still human, here she is enjoying a nice cup of tea after a busy day of kicking ass, taking names, and washing off all that stupid glitter.

More on the character as I use her in game, and develop her more 😀


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