Rose – Voodoo Update

So it was mentioned that our group didn’t have enough magic users and the DM suggested looking into making Rose a voodoo practicer. Since it was such an interesting combination, I had to at least play with it (though I’m not 100% decided that this is the way I’m going to go).

Here’s Rose dressed up for a voodoo rite:

I know she’s probably not particularly accurate to how actual voodoo women dressed, but hey, it’s an RPG. That and most of the images that I found for “voodoo priestess” were poorly done 3-d renders of naked women doing suggestive things to snakes while wearing body paint and dreads… So I don’t feel too bad if I fudge some details 😀

Here she is minus the makeup and body paint:

I tried to keep the no-nonsense feel of Rose’s design while allowing her to enjoy all the glorious stuff that voodoo rituals require.

Also, you all get a peek at the majority of her scars.  When the blast went off, Rose instinctively covered her face with her arms – hence all the scarring along her left arm – but wasn’t fast enough to get them completely over her face. Quite a bit of debris blasted her between them, despite the relatively short amount of time she was on her feet before being thrown to the ground. As a result, her face has a swath of scars in a fairly compact area. Bad for her eyes, good for being able to cover up the scars most of the time.

Voodoo-incarnation Rose’s family has a long history of voodoo priests and priestesses, up to and including Rose and Sonya’s mother. Rose learned from her mother and continued the tradition after her mother passed away. Sonya was always a little embarassed of the theatricality of Voodoo and converted to a loose Christianity in her teens. While Rose’s continuing to practice made Sonya a bit uncomfortable, the sisters were close and generally just avoided the subject in one another’s presence to avoid conflicts.

When Sonya married her husband, Amos Hillberry, she insisted on a Christian wedding, leaving Rose feeling a little left out. Sonya had long talked of starting over as a “normal” woman with a husband, a little house, and brood of kids running around the yard, despite the fact that both sisters were a good head taller than some men and could lift a full-grown ox between them. Rose sensed that this marriage and this town were going to be Sonya’s new start and that while they would always be close, it was time to part ways.

In her new home, she’s kept to herself about her voodoo roots and the powers it can give her. She still communes regularly, but makes an effort not to call attention to herself in the process. She is especially uneasy as she typically removes her mask while performing rituals as a sign of good faith, and while she has poor but functional low-light vision without the amber lenses, she is effectively blind in bright light without them.

With Sonya’s troubling letter in hand, she sits by a faintly flickering candle, wiping away the paint from her face… and planning for the journey ahead.


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