Deadlands Character Design #3

Man, I just can’t seem to stop coming up with these ladies. At this rate, I’ll have a hard time picking which one to actually USE.

So, I guess I failed at making a happy-go-lucky character, but I did honestly try. I really wanted to make some giggly little creature who delighted in the world around her… but I just couldn’t make her work.

Now this lady on the other hand, brooked no argument about existing.

This is Rose. Rose used to work on the railroads that were rapidly expanding across the west with her sister, Sonya. A few years ago a rival company sabotaged the line she was working on, setting off a huge explosion. Rose was fortunate enough to be several yards from the actual blast, saving her life, but not lucky enough to escape unscathed. A burst of debris caught her in the face as she was knocked off her feet, badly damaging her eyes, slicing open her lip, and leaving her with several other cuts and burns. Sonya suffered a wrenched ankle and a burned arm, but otherwise escaped with only scratches and bruises, having been further down the line than her sister.

Following the explosion, Rose spent a long time recovering. While her sturdy clothing and heavy jacket had mostly protected her body, her face had taken a beating. She survived on thin soup that Sonya fed her until the gash through her lip had healed. Her eyes never fully recovered. She spent several weeks with bandages over her eyes and lost her job when it became clear that she could no longer work. Sonya quit in solidarity with her sister and the two packed up and set off towards the east.

Sonya met an inventor in the second town they passed through who, feeling badly for the sisters, created the special goggle-mask that Rose now wears. The amber lenses are nearly indestructible and filter light enough that her sensitive eyes can function normally. The mask also covers most of her scars.  When it was time to leave the town, Sonya decided to stay, now that Rose could care for herself again, and married the inventor who had saved her sister’s eyes. Rose, not wanting to intrude on her sister’s new life, wished them happiness and continued on her way.

She has set up shop as a blacksmith in a small dusty town a few hundred miles to the east. The people are decent there, and nobody stares much at her goggles anymore. Still… despite having lived in the town for nearly two  years, she feels it to be more of a stopover on a longer journey.

After toying with the idea of moving on for quite a while,  a troubling letter from Sonya simply saying “Please come back, I need your help.” has pushed her into action. She’s packing up her shop and preparing to move out.

This is probably the last of these ladies that I’m going to design for now… but I make no promises 😀

What can I say, they’re a lot of fun to design, despite their somewhat tragic backgrounds. Comments are, as usual, welcomed. 🙂


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