We just watched Star Trek 2 a few nights ago, and it appears I still have it in my brain. I started doodling a person who became a medieval/rennaisance (this is without references, so it’s kind of generic) person, who then somehow transformed herself into Kirsty Aly. I have no idea how this happened.

She’s outlined in green just because. Between the green lines and the soft brush painting, she almost looks like she’s radioactively glowing :3 (Shrunken to protect eyeballs from explosion. Apparently saving it as a JPG REALLY punches up the intensity of the color…)

Here she is with less of the glowy effect, so it’s easier to see the linework without burning your retinas out 🙂 (The effect of the green was much less eye-searing in Photoshop. I wonder why it’s so much more intense here…)

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