Fairy Warfare – WIP update 1

W00t! More badass fairy goodness for you all to enjoy! (Sorta)

I decided to try something I’ve only done once or twice  and put up some WIP images, rather than just the lineart and the final colors, which is what I typically do. Since this is going to be full shaded and rendered up, I figured this was a good motivator to keep at it, as well as a good way to get some feedback 😀

This update has color and some shading. Next step is effects (like the fire in her hand and the lightning bolt the other fairy is carrying), a background, and some final touch-ups. Suggestions and comments are welcome, but bear in mind that this is purely for funsies and out of line comments WILL be deleted 😀

Anybody else feel like dragon-flies have creepy looking faces?

Stay tuned for more fairies and other goodies, coming soon 😀


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