Fairy warfare

I’m badly neglecting to post work lately, so here’s something for ya’ll to enjoy, fresh off the tablet 😀

I decided today, just for funsies, to draw a fairy. At first I thought.. well what shall I draw my fairy DOING? She was going to be somewhat boring and typical, just posing dramatically beside a flower or whatever, but she seemed to REALLY want to hoist that left arm of hers and her face refused to look serene, so I ran with it. Instead, we have a full-scale fairy war going on. And no, this fairy isn’t evil (neither is the other one) she’s just scary as hell when she’s angry. Plus, it’s hard not to look badass when you are preparing to throw a fireball of death at someone riding a lady-bug war-beetle.

As a side note, no she’s not meant to look sexy, despite the scant clothing. She was going to be naked because… well she’s a fairy warrior. What the hell does she need clothing for? But then I thought about how uncomfortable sitting on a saddle with nothing in between would get, and that you’d want some support for your chest, and I decided to give her some basic clothing. She’s essentially taken a couple scraps of fabric and wrapped them around herself.

The necklace she’s got on is purely functional as well. It’s an amulet that helps fuel her fireballs to keep her from getting worn out as fast, though I think her current berzerker rage is covering that part nicely.

For now, this is just lineart, but a color version should be following soon. (Probably with some sort of background thingy). Stay tuned kids 😀


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