Fantisy-fy IN COLOR (PG-13 for still-visible boobies)

Heeeereeee sheee coooooommmmmeeeeees…. Miss Eeeeeeeelf-ladyyyyyyyy

Half elf druid lady is back, in COLOR 😀

I see her as a gaurdian of sorts for this forest and her ecclectic family of cats. She weaves her own clothing and has created her own ornaments and tattoos.  Her forest is warm and she doesn’t want to harm plantlife more than necessary, so she simply wears a loincloth made of found fibers. Considering her status as “protector”, most of the local silkworms, and wool-bearing animals are happy to donate when asked.

Her foot is in the river to show her connection to water, even though she lives in a forest. She loves to swim, but her cat friends are busy using her as a napping spot, so she’s just dunking her feet for now.

Her tattoos are wings, a pawprint, and leaves. Her wings are symbolic of her freedom (they are also just a personal symbol of mine). The pawprint is representative of her beloved cats clan and her connection to the animal world. The leaves are her connection to nature and her tree-filled home.

Her necklace is just a cool looking rock she found, a bit of heavy cord, some stones and bits of metal, and some careful braiding.

(Also, there used to be more reeds on the shortline, but with cats around their numbers got thinned as they were batted and gnawed as toys.)

(Upon closer inspection, I think I need to clean up a bit more of the color on the cats/background… eventually 😀 )


Also: CHIBI GOT TO HAVE HER INTERVIEW 😀 I got to have two, actually, as I made it to the second round of interviews 🙂

Now I just have to wait until Thursday to hear their decision and I might just be a full-time salaried chibi 😀


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