Fantisy-fy me Cap’n (PG-13 for visible boobies)

SO, as many of you already know, I occasionally frequent a character design blog (click here to check it out). One of the recent challenges was to create a fantasy version of yourself. (See post here.)

In essence, the idea is to take your appearance, personality, and interests and turn them into a character that really reflects you, in a fantasy setting. Weeeeell….

Being a hippy, artist, cat-loving, nerd-girl, who happens to be exceedingly short and round… I chose a hafling-elf druid surrounded by fluffy kitty-cat beasties! :3

I’m in process of cleaning up this particular piece, so y’all can enjoy it in full-color glory soon, I hope πŸ˜€

By the by, if this post seems drier than my usual, (or shorter) it’s likely because I’ve been a combination of tired, coming off a hormone bender from discontinuing a prescription I’ve been on for forever, and under a bit of pressure due to applying for a new job at the U. Relating to said job….

Today was supposed to have been my interview and I very proud of myself because I felt ready for it… but alas, the HR lady who I was to interview with had a bad-luck day and got into a minor car accident on the way to work. She apparently hit her head and ended up going to the doctor for a check-over and then went home to rest-up. Fortunately, I’m told she’s ok and will even be back to work tomorrow. (I was scared part of the day because all I knew was accident+head-hitting+not at work and nobody knew what else was going on for several hours. When we didn’t hear anymore after an hour or two, I had started to worry something was seriously wrong and that she was really badly hurt.)

On an entirely personal note, I don’t know what this whole event means for me, the interview process, or the structure of the next few days in general – so on top of being a little high-strung from nerves to begin with, there’s now uncertainty and not really being able to do anything but wait, because I don’t want to put undue pressure on a lady who just had an accident this morning. Basically: I’m a snidgeon tense at the moment.

Still, what’s a chibi to do but press on? I’ll live :3 More art shinies will come soon, my duckies, just be patient πŸ™‚ Hopefully your lives are a bit quieter than mine for now ^_^;

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