7th Sea Sketch time!

That’s right my little art-viewers, I finally remembered to bring home my sketch pages! (The sketches that aren’t a giant pile of doodles of eyes, lips, and random shit strewn across a page anyways….) AND HEEEERE THEY ARE!

First of all, some characters that we’ve encountered at least briefly (they’re not doing much right now, but they’re still out there… somewhere… Especially those damn pirranah puppies :p)

Next up, the lovely young bride of one of the players:  Aeisha married into the group. She’s a 28 year old widow… 6 times over. She has a terrible habit of losing husbands to unfortunate accidents. In the past, she and Nadire were schoolmates and it was well known that several early suitors quietly withdrew from woo-ing after spending time alone with her, saying only that things “got weird” when they were alone. (She was described by the DM as “Hannibal Lector, but with breasts and a pretty face. Just slightly less psychotic”.)

Her father just so happened to be seeking husband #7 for her (rather desperately at that point) when we came to call to negotiate treaty terms. Conveniently enough one of the players needed to marry and produce a legitimate heir, and since she was PROBABLY not going to kill him immediately, he went for it. She was willing to have him, so they were (hastily but quite tastefully) married  before the ink had dried on the new treaty. Thus far, she’s having a lot more fun with her new marriage than her husband is, (He’s afraid to close both eyes at night.)

More lovelies will be coming as I draw them, but look for some older work to surface on my portfolio site in the coming months 😀 You can mock it’s awfulness if you like 😀


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