I LIVE (pg-13)

I’m baaaaack. Finals season at work was madness and it really kicked my rump, which is why the blog hasn’t updated in a few weeks. Things are settling down again, though I don’t know how much I will be able to post for a little while yet. However! I will not leave my loyal readers with nothing! (That would just be mean.) So, I present: a zine page from a few years ago that I never got around to scanning before. I’m actually really really happy with this thing…. like REALLY happy. It was one of the first projects I ever did where I didn’t worry about someone being offended by me using naughty words, referencing lesbians, or making a joke about tentacles (who doesn’t want to make cracks about tentacles?) and everything turned out looking exactly how I wanted it. Ah… such freedoms. :3

Enjoy duckies, and soon there will be fresh shinies for you all to enjoy 😀

As an added bonus, I’ll even let you all have a sneak peak at the epic steampunk ear-cuff and fancy inlay necklace that never were… It turns out making elaborate tiny things out of metal is really hard, especially for a rank beginner. :p

Also, I don’t recall if I mentioned this, but since the images have lots of little things that are hard to see on the page itself, if you click them a full-size version should pop up to make them easier to see. Enjoy 😀


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