Character design round-up

*EDIT* Ok, so I was exhausted and rushed when I wrote this, but in case anyone is wondering, the game in question is “7th Sea”

Also on re-reading my character’s backstory I realized it sounds kind of like I’m bashing Turkey, so let me clarify. The game is based on actual world history from the late 1770s, but is fictionalized and altered a bit. For instance, neither North or South America exist, England is straight out of Arthurian legends, Spain is caught in the midst of the Inquisition, and France is still in the era of Marie Antoinette (pre-head-chopping). Think Pirates of the Carribean, meets history class, meets Dungeons and Dragons. For our game, the fictional Turkish government is corrupt and our party of players is part of a revolt movement. Just to sum up, I have nothing against actual Turkey or Turkish people, the character and her backstory are purely fictional, and purely for game purposes.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog: (hopefully having avoided accidentally offending anybody… anymore than usual.)

Woo-boy, I’ve been drawing everything but sketches lately :p I think my brain is still ker-dead, but I managed to weasel a character design and do some more tweaking of the Warforge anyways. Mayhaps tomorrow I’ll have regained enough sanity to tackle some Pirate 3 work. (here’s crossing fingers)

So now, without further ado, here’s what I’ve managed to accomplish this week:

1st up: Renxeche continues

Changes are pretty minor, but I still think there’s been a bit of improvement, in the face especially.


A character design for an upcoming game campaign. There are several versions of her image below, but first, a back-story. (Still in the process of naming her. Suggestions welcomed)

This young lady is the daughter of a low-mid-level Turkish noble and his Scottish slave-turned-wife, Tessa. Tessa was a young Scottish dissenter from the Highland region and was arrested after she was overheard badmouthing the English rule there. Instead of being shipped off to England for a brief trial and a hanging, a dishonest sailor looking for quick money and assuming she was as good as dead anyway, quietly hustled her off-ship one night and sold her to slave traders. Though originally selected to become a harem-slave, Tessa’s aggressive manner and her captor’s inability to break her spirit ruined this plan and she was cheaply sold as a laborer instead.

Tessa’s fiery personality earned her a heap of beatings and she was sold at least a dozen times, but each of her successive owners were unwilling to actually kill her despite her repeated rebellion and escape attempts since as a light-skinned european slave, she was a rare and thus valuable commodity. They instead sought and found a new eager buyer, with her price raising steadily with each sale. Finally, she was purchased by her future husband’s family as a house-slave. Here she was simply dressed in expensive clothing, ordered to do light housework and paraded in front of the family’s frequent visitors as evidence of their wealth and impressive possessions.  Tessa, exhausted from close to a decade of fighting her fate tried to make the best of her situation. She did what she was told and gritted her teeth while visitors inspected her like a cow at the market.

Tessa’s future husband soon decided that her still-stubborn personality and sharp green eyes intrigued him. He requested and after a time received her as a gift from his mother and immediately offered her freedom if she agreed to become his wife. Tessa, without any better alternatives, accepted.

One daughter came from the match and quickly became her father’s favorite child, despite her gender and the clear lack of returned affection from her mother. She was given a great deal of leniency in her upbringing, and got away with many things deemed “innapropriate” for a young woman of noble birth. She walks around the house grounds with her hair and face uncovered, has learned to dance from several harem girls, takes long walks with her mother around the grounds practically unescorted, and shows absoultely no interest in marriage. Some of these indulgences are due to her inheritance of her mother’s stubborn nature. It is VERY hard to compel her to do much of anything against her will. She is slightly spoiled as a result, but intelligent and well educated.

Though she attends religious ceremonies and dutifully covers her hair in public she has little interest in religion and disregards both her mother’s Catholicism and her father’s Islam with equal apathy.

Though the girl’s father has forbidden Tessa to speak about her slave days at all, and ESPECIALLY in front of their daughter, this has not prevented the stubborn Scot from doing just that; quietly teaching the girl to passionately hate slavery and secretly teaching her how to swing a harvesting scythe. Tessa has also given her daughter a pearl-handled dagger that Tessa received from a fellow slave shortly before she was sold for the last time.

Freshly turned 22,  the girl has decided that she can no longer sit quietly while slaves are beaten in the yard, nor can she bear the thought of other women facing the same fate as her mother once did. Recently,with the added motivation of arranged marriage looming closer with every passing birthday as a single woman, she has made off with a large sack of coin, a small parcel of food, a hand-scythe, her mother’s dagger, and a mission. She has heard that there is rebellion brewing and hopes that with it, there will come freedom for the slaves of her world.

1) No veil, no make-up.

2) light kohl and hair decoration

3) Same w/ lip-stain

4) kohl and veil

5) same with veil decorations

I have not decided yet if I will be using some or all of these images, but really I suppose it doesn’t matter. The core character is there, she just might put on or remove a veil, hair baubles, or make-up. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Character design round-up

  1. Some names I am considering (all meanings are taken from the baby-name websites I’m looking these up on. I don’t speak Turkish. Plz to not hate me if it is mistranslated):

    Adile (justice)
    Azime (determined woman)
    Nadire (precious, rare)
    Oya (unique, unreachable)

    Those with suggestions, I’m still interested 🙂 (though Nadire is leading the pack at the moment)

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