Lady Warforge (WIP)

As I was thinking of what to draw today, it occurred to me that I haven’t drawn a D&D character in AGES. At least 2 years in fact. So I dreamed up a character with a little help from the internets and decided to challenge myself with something a little tougher than a sexy elf or a berserker dwarf warrior (though Iwill probably eventually do a dwarf warrior just for funsies). In the end I settled on a female warforge warlock.

For the uninitiated, a warforge typically looks something like this:

(see here for a description)

They are usually male, used by male players, and are most often fighters, given their innate durability, endurance, and strength.

I decided to mess up all of that normalcy 😀

Meet Renxeche Pangari*.

She was created in a somewhat crude interpretation of the normal rituals used to create warforge by a human who wanted to join a band of Shadar-kai (click here for description) and thought that an instrument of death, designed to vaugely resemble a Shadar-kai  would impress them enough to accept him. He made her female for his own purposes. (Her runes are buried underneath the mohawk).

Unfortunately for her creator, the unorthidox and somewhat muddled ritual used to animate Renxeche gave her some unusual quirks. She did not view her creator as her master, nor any living being for that matter. She knew her creator would fail and either die in the attempt or destroy her when the opportunity arose. Determined to command her own fate, she secretly made an arcane pact and became a warlock, eventually taming a shadow demon as her familiar.

When her creator did indeed eventually fail, he turned on Renxeche. Not expecting anything but placid obedience to his will, he was shocked, however briefly, when his attempt to burn his creation resulted in her calmly crushing his skull between her heavy stone hands. She buried her creator with his few belongings in an abandoned mine nearby and left the area, never to return.

She has lived her life as she pleases since that day, either helping or destroying for her own reasons and answering to no-one.

This is just a sketch for now, but will eventually be fleshed out into a full drawing. Thoughts?

*Pangari, so I’m told means “shadow” in Aborigine.

3 thoughts on “Lady Warforge (WIP)

  1. Hmmm… mental note, need to score the metal plate on her abdomen so it can flex and she can bend at the waist. Otherwise defeating her is going to be just a snad too easy.

    Also, her hands are made of stone and plated with metal to give them extra heft for fighting. Her creator expected her to be a thug, not a warlock.

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