BYYYEEEE DA – followed by a brief rant :D

I have now officially vacated the premises at DA. All artings will be here now. (I do have one account still open that is a portfolio for my art lesson business but it is not actively updated and will be migrated and closed fairly soon.)

Why did I leave, you might be asking? Well, when I joined the site shortly after starting college, it was actually a pretty nice site. There was an active community, attentive admins, feedback, and seemed like a good place to get started. Plus I had a few friends posting from other cities so we could discuss each other’s work at a distance. Unfortunately, over time the good admins either left or stopped paying attention to the site, and from what I’m told, they left a bunch of cocky adolescent boys in charge. Naturally…. that didn’t go so well.

Recently the site has been turning into little more than a collection of fetish art, blatant porn (we’re talking detailed images and animations of graphic sex in various forms here) terrible fanart that rockets to stardom because it’s a popular character, and the ever present “I took a naked picture of myself in the mirror. I are a artist noa! Xo”.  This is besides the somewhat squicky thing for putting young female characters into bondage or “inflating” women DA has been showing off lately. The really interesting (and irritating) thing about this, is DA has a clearly stated policy about this sort of thing. In that it is supposedly forbidden. No porn. In their policy. However, report it, and guess what happens? Absolutely nothing. Apparently a graphic, interactive hentai game on the front page wasn’t “inappropriate” enough to remove it. Nor was some fairly gruesome rape-fetish work. I gave up reporting this stuff after several times getting nowhere.

In general, I just felt really awkward browsing the site, (especially in public, because to the casual observer, it looks like a porn site,) and did not want my work associated with it anymore. I also realized I had just lost my desire to post there.

So, long story short, my DA days are through 😀

ALSO: I’m in the process of creating a new portfolio page for myself (one that doesn’t suck buns :p) so keep your eyes peeled, I’ll post a link to it when I have it ready.

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