Steampunk Aphrodite WIP ver 1

Another character design challenge (like the night and day post below) though this one I’m taking a bit longer on. I also came across this one a bit late, but I’m enjoying it non-the-less πŸ˜€

She’s still a work in progress, but I feel like she’s coming along nicely πŸ™‚

When I think steampunk, the first thing I usually think is “badass”. So, I decied that this goddess shouldn’t be a naked pale blonde with floaty hair and white robes, hovering and looking pensive. Oh no. She was going to be a hard-core crack-shot with a cross-bow and an attitude. Sadly, the angle of her head ruined the effect of the assymetric cut I tried to give her hair, but cest la vie.

I decided to split the character a little and do Aphrodite as the more sexualized aspects of love, because that’s what she usually ends up representing in mythology, and it’s just easier to imagine a voluptuous woman representing sexiness. Cupid, (the little boy behind her skirt) embodies the innocent, gentle aspects of love. He’s loyal, sweet, innocent, and kind.Β  He’s a pretty good shot with his magic bow, but he’s still willing to take a lesson from Momma. What a good boy he is, holding her skirt out of the way for her like that :3

(I think part of the reason this is taking so much longer than the others is that I spent a LOT of time sketching and inking it, and I got a little crazy with the details right off the bat. The earlier two posts were done all in one afternoon through the magic of starting with a vauge general impression and working up the details as needed. Got to remember to use that method more….)

Finished drawing will be posted… er… when it’s finished, I guess ^_^;


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